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Headerbild mit oberem Teil einer Windturbine vor Rosa bewölktem Himmel.

The following project examples illustrate our daily work. As our projects are confidential, we don’t name clients or projects.
Naturally, we can’t present all the intricacies of our projects here because they’re so complex. We’d be happy to explain further aspects of our work in a one-on-one conversation.


Managing environmental approvals, information and document management for the grid connection of two wind farms in the German EEZ

In this grid connection project, we managed the environmental approvals, information and documentation for the cable laying and pull in of undersea cables. This facilitated the connection of two offshore substations in the EEZ to the high voltage transmission system on the mainland. In conjunction with the regulators, we coordinated approval requirements and on the ground construction activities on behalf of our client. We also prepared various permit applications and ensured timely receipt of permits as well as ongoing compliance with any conditions. Folder structures, workflows and processes were developed to promote flawless exchange of project documentation between the various stakeholders, and comprehensive progress updates maintained for the project team.

Oberer Teil einer Windturbine in Wolken eingehüllt.
Auschnitt eines Schreibtischstilllebens mit technischer Zeichnung, Laptop und Taschenrechner.

Managing project certification for a Dutch offshore wind farm

In this project, we supported our client in defining the certification requirements and coordinating the certification process for an offshore wind farm in the Dutch EEZ. This included interface management between the operator, project certifier and various external suppliers, ensuring compliance with contractually agreed deadlines and project milestones, as well as organising and leading numerous coordination meetings during project development and implementation. We were also responsible for saving and issuing certification documentation in or via a purpose built document management system. Our work resulted in receipt of the required test reports and certificates of conformity from the certifier for various modules, to the specified standard.

Managing the fabrication and commissioning of an offshore substation

In this project, we supported our client with the construction and commissioning of an offshore substation in an offshore wind farm in the German EEZ. Our tasks spanned the construction, commissioning, and acceptance phases. We supervised supplier factory acceptance tests, installation and functional testing in the shipyard and final acceptance tests at sea. We managed the cross-checking of work carried out against specification and schedule, managed inspections between the shipyard and partner companies, and managed resource planning.

Bildausschnitt einer Offshore-Umspannplattform.
Vogelperspektive eines Offshore-Windparks in Türkisblauem Meer.

Managing statutory inspections for two operational offshore wind farms

In this project, we supported the operator of offshore wind farms in the German EEZ to develop and implement a statutory inspection framework, as required by the Federal Maritime and Hydrographic Agency. In addition, we liaised between the inspectors and the responsible inspection officer and managed of various certification-related topics during the operating phase, including replacement of main components and changes to structurally relevant components.

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