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integrity’s expertise

Our contribution to a sustainable future

Our clients use our many years of experience to successfully implement their renewable energy infrastructure projects. As the interface to various stakeholders, we manage environmental approvals, project certifications and undertake technical project management. We define all relevant requirements and support our clients in designing, implementing and optimising all necessary processes. To ensure that projects run as smoothly as possible, we place particular importance on properly structured information and document management.

Our main competencies are detailed below.

Managing environmental approvals and project certifications

Environmental approval and certification requirements for major projects are complicated and can cause considerable delays and additional work during project implementation. Acting as the interface between project team members, we set up and manage all approval and certification processes and ensure that all relevant requirements from authorities, certifiers and other parties are recognised, understood and closed out on time.

Information and document management

Documentation is what holds large projects together and it is essential to their success. We set up, integrate, administrate and optimise document management systems within our clients' projects. To promote successful project implementation, we act as the interface in the project team, maintain progress updates and ensure that all project-relevant information and documents are received and saved on time.

Technical project management

Within technical projects, we evaluate the respective stakeholders and their interests and independently coordinate project processes. We use our experience to support in (amongst others) resource planning and project milestones, ensuring compliance with technical and environmental requirements during all project phases and advising on significant project decisions.

Testing and inspection of electrical systems

Power plants comprise numerous electrical systems for generating and conducting electricity. This includes generators or transformers in wind turbines and substations on land or at sea, as well as export cables. We conduct professional testing and inspection of these electrical systems for our clients and guarantee their functionality and safe operation.

Curious? We are happy to discuss further details and develop tailored solutions for specific projects.

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